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Followup: Saturday January 29 Workday

1 Feb

Thanks to everyone for coming out to Rainbow Beach Dunes on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, a great turnout, and we had lots of fun! We dispersed milkweed, ironweed, lupine, little bluestem, sunflower, and many other types of native plant seed. When you come back to RBD this spring and summer, you’ll see the fruits of your labor all around!

There are many interesting things to pass on, so please take a minute to continue reading…

Jerry asked about a good book for dune ecosystems. I HIGHLY recommend the book “Dune Country”, by Glenda Daniel.  It is geared towards the amateur naturalist and gives a great overview of the forces that shaped southern Lake Michigan and the flora and fauna that thrive there. Its primary focus is the Indiana Dunes, but you’ll find almost all the beach and foredune plants we have at RBD.

Attached are a few photos from the most recent workday (all taken by Robbie Shymanski), but soon more will be online and I’d love to have your contributions. Stay tuned!

Finally, I currently send a blind cc so your email address remains private. But as I saw last week, there are sometimes connections made without the subsequent contact information exchange. Are there objections to making it so that everyone on the list can see your email address? Or should I try something else like sending out a list of contact information for the list?

Hope you are enjoying the snow,

**Mark your calendar!**
Upcoming events at Rainbow Beach:

Saturday March 26, 9-11 – Nature Walk and Trash Pickup
Saturday April 16, 10-4 – Health Fair