Follow-up: Saturday, May 21 workday

24 May

Thanks to all who came out on this balmy Saturday. We scoured the patch closet to the beach for sweet clover and were pretty successful in eradicating it!  Due to its root structure, management through hand-pulling is very effective for sweet clover. In contrast, willow saplings, for instance, are connected underground making herbicide management more appropriate.

The grasses are greening up and perennials are starting to leaf out. Arabidopsis lyrata (beach cress) is flowering. We also found clumps of Heuchera richardsonii (prairie alumroot) bolting.

Heuchera richardsonii

Heuchera richardsonii

Several people mentioned the links from the last email didn’t work. For the course on dune habitats, try this.
This course meets only twice: once in the evening on Thursday July 7, and one during the day on Saturday July 9. The cost for members of the arboretum is $69 and for non-members is $81.

If you are interested in making an all day commitment on June 25, please see the attached flyer and send me your RSVP ASAP. This event is limited to the first 10 people who respond. If you want to join us for the regular workday on June 25, please note the time has changed to the afternoon, from 2-4 pm.


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