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May 25: Invasive species management

21 May

Come out to Rainbow Beach Dunes on Saturday to continue this season’s invasive species hunt. We’ll be sure to make a dent in the invasive sweetclover and cheatgrass populations. Join us this Saturday May 25 from 10am-12pm.

**Please note: re-routing of Hwy 41 means there is some confusion about how to enter the park. Enter at the intersection of South Shore/79th. Follow the new construction of Hwy 41 slightly south (go through the ‘road closed’ barricade!) follow to the T-intersection, turn left and go back north directly into the park.

Rainbow Beach is located at 3111 E. 77th St. By foot, walk east from South Shore Dr. on 77th St. By car, enter from 79th St., go past the water filtration plant, and park in the first parking lot. Please meet at the entrance to the nature area, which is located at the southern end of the beach. Tools and equipment will be provided, but please bring water and dress appropriately for the weather. Contact Alison Anastasio at for questions and to RSVP.

*Mark your calendar*
Saturday, June 22- community stewardship workday
Sunday, June 23- First South Shore Farmers Market of 2013!
Saturday July 27- community stewardship workday



Follow up: Clean-up and invasive species pull

6 May

Saturday morning we went out with Ms. Beals class from Gary Comer Middle School. Our goals were to collect trash and dig up the invasive species du jour, dandelions (Taraxacum officinale). Chicago Cares volunteers joined us too. By the time advisories from Gary Comer College Prep joined us in our mission, we had collected 8 bags of trash and every dandelion we could see.


A student carries a handful of dandelions and a bag of trash

Openlands black oak, 4/27/13 with Gary Comer College Prep and Chicago Cares

Openlands black oak, 4/27/13 with Gary Comer Middle School and Chicago Cares

Looking up close at an opossum skull

Looking up close at an opossum skull

Sunday, Ms. Cowgill and her class from Gary Comer Middle School came out to clean up trash at Rocky Ledge. In addition to filling more than 8 bags of trash and one of recycling, students found lots of cool rocks and shells and leftovers from the former steel mill next door.

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