April 19: Community Stewardship Workday

16 Apr


Come out to Rainbow Beach Dunes this Saturday to clean up trash in the nature area, and start this season’s invasive species hunt. We’ll begin by looking for cheatgrass. We’ll also look for the earliest flowering species at the dunes: arctic bearberry and sand dune rockcress!

Join us this Saturday April 19 from 10am-12pm.

Remember to prepare for the weather and terrain: it may be windy and wet. Sturdy shoes, long pants and water are recommended. Tools, training, and snacks will be provided. Contact Alison Anastasio at alison.anastasio@gmail.com for questions and to RSVP.

Rainbow Beach Park runs parallel to South Shore Drive from 75th-79th Streets. By foot, walk east from South Shore Dr. on 77th St. By car, you can only access the park at the southern end.
From the north/west, follow Hwy 41 east as it splits from South Shore Drive at 79th St. Turn left into the park at Farragut.
From the south, follow Hwy 41 north and turn right on Farragut, just before  the intersection of 79th/South Shore.
Once in the park, go past the stop sign and water filtration plant and turn right at the next opportunity. Go to the southeast end of this lot and park. Meet at the entrance to the Nature Area, the which is located at the southern end of the beach (look for the banner!).

*Mark your calendar*
Saturday May 17 (not 5/24) – Community Stewardship Workday
Saturday June 28 – Community Stewardship Workday
Saturday July 26 – Community Stewardship Workday



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