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Follow up: October 29 workday

30 Oct

Our last workday of 2016 was awesome – we planted 1000 marram grass stolons!* Our goal was to encourage native plants to colonize the area around the new water filtration system on the north side of the nature area.


We had tons of volunteers, but I didn’t get many photos– too busy digging holes and planting stolons.


Just a fraction of the volunteers who planted marram grass.


*What’s a stolon anyway?

Stolons are specialized stems that run horizontally just under the soil surface. We can cut them apart and plant them separately.



Late autumn is beautiful across the dunes!







October 29: Marram grass planting and volunteer appreciation

16 Oct


Marram grass (Ammophila breviligulata) is the resident dune-builder at RBD. Its roots reach deep into the sand, anchoring it in heavy winds, building up small hills and leaving behind swales.

On the last workday of 2016, we will plant marram grass to anchor sand around the new water filtration system. Afterwards we’ll have hot cider and donuts to celebrate our planting and a successful year of stewardship. Bring neighbors, friends, and family.

Join us on Saturday October 29nd from 10am-12pm for the last workday of the season and stay until 1pm to celebrate the year’s accomplishments with your fellow volunteers!

Meet in the first parking lot, close to the Fieldhouse and look for the banner. 


Remember to prepare for the weather and terrain: there is no shade in the hilly, uneven dunes area, so wear sturdy shoes and bring a hat, sunscreen, and water. Tools, training, and snacks will be provided. Contact Alison Anastasio at for questions.

RSVP here!

Rainbow Beach Park runs parallel to South Shore Drive from 75th-79th Streets.

  • By foot, walk east from South Shore Dr. on 77th St.
  • By car, you can only access the park at the southern end.
  • From the north/west, follow Hwy 41 east as it splits from South Shore Drive at 79th St. Turn left into the park at Farragut.
  • From the south, follow Hwy 41 north and turn right on Farragut, just before the intersection of 79th/South Shore.
  • Once in the park, go past the stop sign and water filtration plant and turn right at the next opportunity, into the parking lot before the Fieldhouse.
  • Go to the end of the parking lot closest to the Fieldhouse. Meet at the banner!

Find directions and a map here.

*Mark your calendar*
See you in March 2017

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