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July 22: milkweed and community stewardship

17 Jul


Did you know there are four milkweed species in bloom right now at Rainbow Beach Dunes? Bring on the monarchs! We’ll see all four THIS SATURDAY at the July RBD stewardship workday. Clockwise from upper left: 1) Asclepias tuberosa, butterfly milkweed, 2)Asclepias syriaca, common milkweed, 3) Asclepias incarnata, swamp milkweed, 4) Asclepias verticillata, whorled milkweed. RSVP here.

  • Have you see the South Side Weekly article about co-stewards Jen and Alison? We’re so proud of and grateful for all the work that volunteers have done at this site over the years! There are also interviews with stewards from Jackson Park (Jerry Levy) and McKinley Park (Katie Flores and Heather Breems). 
  • Did you know that you can find out more about events throughout all of Rainbow Beach Park by attending the RB PAC meeting on Monday July 24 and liking their Facebook page? Upcoming events include the Soul Coast 5k, movies, music, and wellness activities for the whole family. 
  • Remember to prepare for the weather and terrain: there is no shade in the hilly, uneven dunes area, so wear sturdy shoes and bring a hat, sunscreen, and water. Tools, training, and snacks will be provided.

    Contact stewards Alison Anastasio (alison.anastasio@gmail.com) or Jen Raber (jennifer.raber@gmail.com) with questions.

    Rainbow Beach Park runs parallel to South Shore Drive from 75th-79th Streets.

    • By foot, walk east from South Shore Dr. on 77th St.
    • By car, you can only access the park at the southern end.
    • From the north/west, follow Hwy 41 east as it splits from South Shore Drive at 79th St. Turn left into the park at Farragut.
    • From the south, follow Hwy 41 north and turn right on Farragut, just before the intersection of 79th/South Shore.
    • Once in the park, go past the stop sign and water filtration plant and turn right at the next opportunity, into the parking lot before the Fieldhouse.
    • Go to the far right corner of the parking lot farthest from the field house at the entrance to the Nature Area. Meet at the banner! 

    Find directions and a map here.

    *Mark your calendar*
    remaining scheduled workdays for 2017:

    • August 26 2017
    • September 23 2017
    • October 28 2017

Plants of Concern at RBD

14 Jul

Plants of Concern has been supported, hosted, and cared for over many years by Susanne Masi at the Chicago Botanic Garden. She retired last year, and left behind a thriving citizen science program in the hands of Rachel Goad and a team of botanists.

Monitoring the biotic and abiotic conditions of the habitat over time is a critical part of stewardship at RBD. We participate in a number of citizen science monitoring programs, including Plants of Concern, Adopt-a-Beach, and now the Opuntia monitoring program. We hope to add monitoring programs in the future for purple martins and monarch butterflies and their obligate food source, milkweed (Asclepias spp.).

If you or someone you know are committed to taking a leadership role in current monitoring programs at RBD, or new ones like purple martins or monarchs, please come out to a workday and let us know!

On Saturday, we monitored for Plants of Concern species. It was a lovely morning by the lake

P1040229 P1040228 P1040227

and we saw lots of other native plants in bloom as well.

P1040233 P1040234
P1040249 P1040239 P1040236


How many native plant species can you identify in this photo?!




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